Cast iron foundries – latest industry highlights

What future is going to face the foundry community?

The closing of 2015 is soon to come and such time brings the main stakeholders  to forecast and suggest even more possible outcomes for the foundry industry and thus for the cast iron foundries for the year to come, 2016.

In fact, as stated from the Foundry Trade Journal, one of the leading European foundry association, the German foundry society – Bundesverband der Deutschen Gießerei-Industrie eV (BDG), states that the majority of German diecasters have increased their sales and production in 2014 and in 2015 and they feel confident to be able to keep such trend for 2016.

The leading diecasting market, vehicle manufacturing, holds its predominant role at the European level even if its losing its force among the BRICS nations that are experiencing a general economic slowdown.

Moreover surveys conducted by the BDG show that, in the last few years, investments done within the industry have appeared as well promising and targeted mainly to the maintenance and services of the industry. Such trend seems to be confirmed also for the next five years.

This is due to the fact that the domestic market is increasing in several European countries and in North America and that there is a big request for high quality diecasts products, in large volumes expecially from the German market.

Finally a further positive input is provided by the future developments for the automotive industry as it needs to face a big objective set up by international politics: output for new automobiles needs to be set at 95g CO2/km by 2020.

The development of ever-new diecasting components is moving forward rapidly. Be it in the case of structural components, electric motor components or smart components for regulating conventional engines – in all areas the industry is trying to make use of the outstanding options offered by diecasting” (

Finger crossed then for such drive given by the latest trends marked within the foundry industry in the last few years.

We will keep monitoring such trends, taking inspiration from and applying them to our work!