Control of the alloy quantity

From the 80’s in order to guarantee reproducibility and constant quality in the cast iron transformation process, the practice of introducing the exact quantity of the alloy in ladle has expanded.

The introduction of the exact quantity is possible thanks to the use of an innovative system for the production of ductile iron also known as spheroidal cast iron and compacted graphite iron: the Cored wire system.

The use of the cored wire injected inside the ladle through a dedicated machine allows treatments such as inoculation, spheroidization to be certain, precise and constant.

In such way it is ensured:

  • High magnesium yield, higher than other kinds of in-ladle treatments such as the Sandwich method and the Tundish method;
  • Low treatment time, minimum treatment time capacity starts from 500 kg treated in less than a minute. Higher capacity to be treated takes only a few minutes;
  • Homogeneity of the bath, accurate alloys quantity insertion ensures in-ladle homogeneity of the related chemical composition;
  • Low ladle maintenance, thanks to the peculiar ladle geometry and the refractory material with which the ladle is manufactured.

Further advantages:

  • The cored wire used can vary depending on the diameter, thickness and quantity of the alloy. The choice of the cored wire depends on the foundry and the related production requirements; such choice will be totally adaptable to the Cored wire system used for such treatment process;
  • The process is easily manageable by the foundry operator through the insertion of a few simple information thanks to the total automation of the process.