Cored wire – its use for ductile iron transformation

The Cored wire is a wire made out of iron that can contain composition of different alloys. The alloys are mixed together to obtain the best cast iron transformation.

The treatments available through the use of Cored wire are treatments like spheroidization and inoculation.

Most of the times treatments like these in ladle are used to transform base cast iron into ductile iron or even compacted graphite iron.

In such cases the choice of the compositions of the cored wire will have to take into consideration variables such as

  • Quantity of cast iron to be treated;
  • Type of treatments necessary to transform base cast iron;
  • Temperature of the melt in ladle before treatment;
  • Level of Sulphur contained in base cast iron.

Of course , as explained in the previous article “Cast iron transformation guaranteed by the control of the alloy quantity”, to allow transformation of cast iron, the Cored wire is necessarily used in combination with a dedicated Cored wire machine to guarantee not only a specific treatment but also a consistent and accurate treatment over a long period of time.