TCAST – Software for thermal analysis of different types of cast iron

Up until now when talking about thermal analysis we have always described, from a technical point of view, the advantages of its application to evaluate the quality of different types of cast iron produced right before the definitive casting solidification.

We have not yet talked about the main advantages that the related equipment offers when applying thermal analysis; the thermal analysis software.

The main features of the thermal analysis software for cast iron, TCAST: acquisition, simulation and advanced functions.

Acquisition: acquisition of main temperatures reached throughout cast iron solidification allows elaboration of chemical parameters, mechanical and physical forecasts. Thus it is fundamental to conduct a qualitative analysis of cast iron.

Simulation: previous acquisitions can be replied at any time, copy of an existent acquisition can be done and simulation can be carried out changing key features related to that acquisition. This function is fundamental to learn the use of this equipment for thermal analysis as well as to conduct research and development activities.

Advanced functions: In-depth researches can be conducted, multiple acquisitions can be compared into highly interactive graphs allowing to isolate values and trends of interested foundry parameters, data elaborated throughout acquisitions together can be exported in most common file formats (i.e Excel), reports of each individual acquisition can be saved and printed including all elaborated parameters and related validation ranges. This functions are fundamental to conduct an in-depth metallurgical analysis and thus to improve the final qualitative objectives the foundry has when producing cast iron castings.